Our ongoing commitment is to contribute to the development of the health sector in Indonesia by making healthcare more accessible.

Furthermore, we are committed to upholding to the principles of the WHO guidelines for good distribution practice by ensuring the quality and identity of pharmaceutical products during all aspects of the distribution process, including procurement, purchasing, storage, distribution, transportation, repackaging, relabelling, documentation and record-keeping practices.

Optimal access to quality pharmaceutical products cannot happen without a trusted and efficient partner in the distribution field. Our extensive distribution infrastructure, our understanding of regional regulatory complexities, our stringent quality assurance, our adherence to national standards, and our integrated service offering makes us the perfect partner for pharmaceutical companies looking to establish and expand their business presence in some of the most remote areas of Indonesia.

Every business has a duty to protect the environment in which it operates. At Aditya Farmatama, we recognise the need to set an example for responsible and sustainable working practices that will improve quality of life, protect the natural environment, and contribute to the health of the nation.


Our distribution network covers three Indonesian provinces, providing access to all relevant channels in some of the most remote areas and islands across Bali, Nusa Tenggara Barat and Nusa Tenggara Timur. This makes us the company of choice for many manufacturers wishing to have their products distributed via our transport network and transfer routes.


Our primary distribution management goal is to maintain a steady supply of pharmaceuticals and equipment to facilities where they are needed, while ensuring that resources are being used in the most effective way. Our comprehensive infrastructure allows us to work with shorter turnaround times to meet urgent product delivery needs. We pride ourselves on the accuracy and reliability of our services.


We are highly proficient in the storage, supply and distribution of generic drugs and patented pharmaceuticals, health equipment, over-the-counter medical supplies, pest-control equipment, and medical food products.